Are Crown Moldings Right For Your Home?

Crown moldings are features that add visual presence and value to your home. A nicely done molding in a room makes it look well-crafted and upscale. Some would be lucky to have them already installed in their homes. But if you don’t have them yet, you might be thinking: are crown moldings right for your house?

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Furniture and décor

Consider what you already have in your house. Do you have big lamps? Do the wall coverings have big patterns? What are the dominant colors of your furnishings? When looking for crown moldings, find something that work well with your other stuff. Decide on a size and color that complement the overall style of the house.

If your house has a contemporary feel with clean lines and neutral colors, you can have a simple molding without ornate patterns. Think about the effect it would have in relation to the whole space.

TIP:  You can get the illusion of having wide crown moldings by using two layers of drywall to create a ceiling detail. You can also try using a narrow crown molding with another narrow trim. This can cost less than buying large-profile moldings.

You might be wondering if you need to use the same molding throughout your house. Not really, If the rooms in your house have a uniform look and height, you might want to use the same one to get a nice flow. If the look and size varies from room to room, then you can try to use different moldings.

crown molding ideas

Overall Style and Ceiling Height

A large-scale room with high ceilings and architectural detailing around the fireplace and baseboards can make an ornate crown molding work. The design of the crown molding brings out the beauty of the architecture’s traditional style. But if you place the same molding in a modern space, the molding and the overall style would clash.

If you love the look of ornate crown moldings, but also want the contemporary feel, you can still make it work. Keep your furnishings and décor simple with toned down patterns and clean lines. You can also use stained wood moldings in a room with a sleek profile. This way, the space will give you a serene feel.

TIP:  If you have a 10-feet high (or more) ceiling, the rule is to have a 1-inch width for each foot of ceiling height. This isn’t a must, but this generally doesn’t work for lower ceilings. It’s not advisable to use an 8-inch wide crown molding if your room is only 8 feet high.

Does crown molding only work with high ceilings?

Definitely no! You can install crown moldings even if your ceiling is lower. You just have to consider the scale of the room. The moldings should be proportioned to the height of your room.

Should crown moldings match the baseboards?

No, but they should have a similar visual weight. Large moldings would look weird with small baseboards, and vice versa.

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